Important Information

Welcome to our new Headteacher Mr Wilson.

About Our School
St. Peter's School is a one form entry co-educational voluntary aided Church of England primary school within the Manchester Diocese. We cater for children aged 3 to 11 years. The school has provision for 236 children and 30 part time Nursery places, 30 Reception, [The Foundation Stage] 60 Infants [Key Stage 1] and 120 Juniors [Key Stage 2].

The building and site are owned by Manchester Diocese. The present school building was opened in 1972, however the school has a long history. The school's trust deeds belong to St. Peter's Church. This trust first built the Welbeck Street School in 1835 and later Victoria Street School in 1871. The present school is pleasantly situated in spacious grounds. We have two hard play surfaces surrounded by landscaped areas and a playing field.

Within the main building there are two Foundation Stage classrooms [Nursery and Reception], two Key Stage 1 classes [Years 1 and 2] and 4 Key Stage 2 classes [Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.] In both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 departments there are large central areas.

The school has a shared library, a play area, musical equipment and an art and craft area. There is a spacious hall which is used for Collective Worship, PE, drama, music and dining. The school also has the use of the facilities and all-weather multi-sports pitch at Oxford Park.
 Headteacher  Mr. J Wilson
 Deputy Headteacher  Miss. E. Anderson
 Assistant Headteacher  Mrs. S. Davies
 Assistant Headteacher  Miss A Russell
Admin Staff  
 School Business Manager  Mrs. A. Beddows
 Admin Assistant  Mrs. M. Schofield
 Admin Assistant  Mrs. A. Azam
Teaching Staff  
Nursery  Mrs. K. Wallace
 Miss. A. Russell
 (Foundation Stage Manager & Early Years/ Key Stage 1 Leader/Assistant Headteacher)
Year 1:  Miss K. Hewitt & Mrs L. Byrne   
Year 2:  Mrs R. Glover
Year 3:  Mr. J. Ross
Year 4:  Mrs K Wynn
Year 5:  Mrs Hepworth
Year 6:  Miss Anderson Deputy Headteacher & Key Stage 2 Leader  (Acting SENco)
Music & Teaching Support  Mr. M. Derbyshire
P.E./Intervention Teacher  Mr. K. Connaghan
Reading Recovery Teacher  Miss. A. Furness 
Speach Therapist  Miss. J. Woolley
Cultural Development Leader  Mr. P. West 
 KS1 Intervention Leader  Mrs Barrie
Teaching Assistants  
Foundation Stage  Miss. L. Barnes
 Mrs S. Ashworth
Year 1:  Miss. L. Crutchley
Year 2:  Mrs. C. Walker
Year 3:  Mrs. S. Eccles  
Year 4:  Mrs. J. Walker
Year 5:  Miss. V. Owen
Year 6:  Ms. T. Brady
 Pastoral Team   Mrs. S. Davies (Assistant Headteacher &  Pastoral Manager)
 Mrs. Z. Foster (Learning Mentor)
 Ms. P. Duffy (Attendance Officer)
 Mrs. G. Riaz (Bilingual Assistant)
 Special Needs Support Assistant  Mrs. A. Reynolds
 Upper Key Stage 2 Intervention    Assistant  Mrs. J. Marshall
 FAST Club   Mr. K. Connaghan (FAST Club Leader)
 Miss V. Owen
 Mrs. S. Ashworth
 Caretaking  Mr. S. Bancroft
 & Clearning
 Miss. J. Singleton
   Miss. A. Hull
   Mrs. L. Bardsley
Midday Assistants  Miss J Singleton (Link Midday)
   Mrs. N. Mardania
   Ms. L. Bardsley
   Mrs. A. Azam
   Mrs. Y. Bibi
   Ms. A. Hull
   Mrs. J. Carlsson
   Mrs. V. Thomas
Breakfast Club  Ms. L. Bardsley
   Mrs. A. Azam
   Miss V. Owen
Kitchen Staff  
Cook in Charge  Mrs. C. Mayhew
Assistant Cook  Ms. S. Dearnaley
The Governing Body
Foundation Governors  Mrs C Sheldon (Chair of Governors)
   Mr. A. Bailey (Vice Chair of Governors)
   Mrs. S West
   Mrs. D Morris
   Miss M Wilson
 Ms G. Ayilara
   Reverend G. Reeves
Parent Governor  Ms G Johnson
 Ms V. Thomas
Staff Governor  Mrs S. Eccles
Co-opted Governor  Miss E. Anderson
Headteacher  Mr J. Wilson
Local Authority Governor  Cllr. W. Bray
Diocesan Representative  Mr. P. Bowden